Search engines Toolbar

If you like to order on the internet, you can shop with the new Search Engine Toolbar even more comfortable in your online-store and get Cashback !

It's so easy:

Register for free without risk on cheaperthanever. You will immediately receive the Toolbar (suitable for Firefox, GoogleChrome, Safari, Opera and InternetExplorer) to download.

Just install the Toolbar and never miss a cashback deal more. Visiting your favorite online shops you can log in to your account (only once) and activate your Cashback!

It is not necessary to look beyond the shopping mall or travel portal after corresponding online store !

There is also the possibility to search for a product  via your preferred searching engine (for example via A list of participating merchants that sell this product will be displayed immediately. You will also see the amount of your Cashback.


Unbinding information and register for free here! (click here)


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